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Dates of the conference: 19th,20th and 21st August 2016

Prizes worth 2.5 Lakhs to be won

"Online registrations close on 5th August 2016"

"Last date for abstract submission is is 7th August, 2016"



“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”-Dr. Carl Sagan; and what could be more incredible than the mysteries of the human body, waiting to be unveiled by men of science. Without research, medical science would still be all about herbs and supernatural powers. It’s this thirst for the unknown that pushes us to unravel and dive into the unfathomable depths of God’s most curious creation, His Grand Design-The human body.


Smt.Kashibai Navale Medical College and General Hospital, Pune was started in 2006 with just 300 beds. It is now a 1044 bedded hospital with 800 teaching beds, 80 ICU beds, 30 Casualty beds, 20 beds for Oral and Maxillofacial surgery, 64 Day Care beds, 2 Pain Clinic and 48 Recovery beds in our OT.The MBBS degree is recognized by Medical Council of India and also by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India-New Delhi. The college is affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nasik.


Smt.Kashibai Navale Medical College and General Hospital, Pune presents to you-MediACE 2016. This year once again we bring to you a conglomerate of research events on the 20th and 21st of August, 2016.

MediACE 2016 provides a platform for young enlightened minds to put forth their ideas and leave a mark in this incredulous medical revolution. Every year this Conference grows more in caliber and magnitude. With over 2000 delegates from all over the country and a host of eminent personalities, MediACE 2016 will truly let you Emerge, Explore and Excel again.

The Winners of Paper Presentation,Poster Presentation and Case Presentation would get an opportunity to publish their research in the following journals :
1.International journal of education and research in health sciences.
2.Journal of Forensic Medicine,Science and Law.
3.Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology.



A Pre and Para- Clinical Medical Quiz.

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A Pre and Para- Clinical Medical Quiz comprising of subjects Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pathology, Microbiology and Forensic Medicine.


1) UG Students and Interns can participate.

2) There must be 3 members per team.

3) There will be a Screening Round followed by a Final Round.

4) The questions won't be set beyond the scope of these 7 subjects.

5) Individual rules for the Screening and Final Rounds would be separate and will be explained on spot.

For more details,


Pooja Chakrabarti : +91 9766571978

Abhishek Chandira : +91 9619095331


It is an internal medicine quiz.

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A quiz on Internal Medicine.


1) UG Students and Interns can participate.

2) There must be 3 members per team.

3) There will be a Screening Round followed by a Final Round.

4) Individual rules for the Screening and Final Rounds would be separate and will be explained on spot.

Example of reference books for the quiz- Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine.


Rushab Ranawat : +91 9619624974

Abhishek Shinde : +91 8237230223


For rules and criteria of Case Presentation

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• This event is open for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. (Judging for both will be done separately)

• Only individual entries shall be accepted.

• Case should be medically and socially relevant. It must be a rare case of presenter’s choice.

• Pictures and audiovisual aids are allowed and encouraged.

• The case chosen should be authentic and your own work. Use any pictures or videos from the internet is not allowed.


1. It is compulsory to submit Abstract online beforehand on the given date. (We will let you know about it shortly)

2. The entries will be screened and selected participants will be informed accordingly. Following this, there will be preliminary and Final rounds which will be held on the day of the conference.

3.5minutes are allotted for case presentation and 2minutes for the Question-Answer session.[NOTE:No Question-Answer session for preliminary round]

4. The judges’ decision will be final for screening of abstract and the final results. [NOTE: Institution’s name will not be disclosed during the screening of the abstract]


1. The abstract will be accepted only after the payment of the registration fees.

2. The abstract must NOT exceed 350 words.

3. Points to be covered in the abstract:

(i) Details: Event name, UG / PG, Title, Author, Guide, Institution Name

(ii) Brief history and diagnosis

(iii) Management and Follow up

(iv) Salient features of the case and the reason for choosing the case.

4. The abstract copy must be signed by your guide and HOD of the respective dept. / Dean of college & submitted during the preliminary round.

5. Presentation should be prepared using Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2007 or higher. There is no limit on the number of slides provided that the participant adheres to the allotted time constraints.

6. The presentation should be emailed beforehand. (We will inform you about the same).

7. You will also have to carry a soft copy of the ppt on the day of your presentation.

8. Mention your name, guide’s name with affiliation and institute’s name while submitting your abstract.

9. Do not mention your institution’s name on the PowerPoint presentation.


Sejal Mehta: +91 9545 837799.

Harshita Hiran: +91 8879 359693.


For rules and criteria of Paper Presentation

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• Event is open for both UG and PG students and will be judged separately.

• One author and a maximum of 3 co-authors are allowed in the event.

• Paper should be purely research based and should not include case presentation. Cases are to be presented in the event of case presentation.

• A total of 8 minutes will be allotted out of which 6 minutes are for presentation and 2 minutes for question answer session where the judges will pose the questions.

• The hard copy of abstract should be certified with signature of Guide and HOD of concerned department or Dean of the college with stamp of the department/institute and it should be produced on the day of the event.

• Paper is to be presented by the author only. Co-authors may join for question answer session with judges.

• The name of the college is not to be mentioned in the presentation.


-Abstract should be between 200-250 words.

-All the abstracts should be submitted at the latest by 31st July.

-The hard copy of the abstract should be certified with the signature of the guide and HOD of the concerned department or dean of the college and stamp of the Department/Institute and should be produced on the day of the presentation

- It should be written under the headings of:-

1. Topic

2. Author

3. Co-author

4. Details of participants

5. Institute details

6. Introduction

7. Duration of study

8. Objective

9. Methodology

10. Observations

11. Discussions (comparative study with other literature study pertaining to same topic).

12. Results

13. Conclusion


Darshan Gurjar : +91 9699711195

Smit Shah : +91 9967944030


For rules and criteria of Poster Presentation

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• The topic may be research oriented or non- research oriented.


• Size of the poster 4 ft vertical x 3 ft horizontal .

• Poster has to be brought on the day of the presentation.

• The poster should be printed and not hand written.

• The poster should be of flex material.

• Limit the text between 500-1500 words.

• Duration: 5 minutes (3 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for Question Answer round)

• Marks will be deducted if time is exceeded.

• One poster can be done by a maximum of 4 authors (1 principal and 3 co-authors)

• The poster can be presented by the Author only. The co-authors can participate in the Question Answer round.

• The title of the poster should be written with author and co-author names below it.

• The college name should not be mentioned.

• A case report should not be presented as a poster.

• It should be presented in the ‘Case Presentation’ event.

• The hard copy of the abstract should be certified with the signature of the guide and HOD of the concerned department or dean of the college and stamp of the Department/Institute and should be produced on the day of the presentation.


• The topic must confine to the medical field only.

• The abstract must be around 200-300 words.

• All the abstracts should be submitted at the latest by 31st July The Hard copy of the abstract should be certified with the signature of the Guide & HOD of the concerned department or the Dean of the college & stamp of the Department/Institute and must be produced on the day of presentation.

• The topic must be research oriented or non- research oriented.

• Under the headings of Research Poster : Title, Guide , Author , Co-author , Aim, Methodology , Observation, Conclusion.

• All the abstracts should be submitted at the latest by 31st July.


Ketaki Ladi : +91 8888858318

Harsh Thacker : +91 9820693338


For rules and criteria of Debate

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1)Only undergraduates and interns are allowed to apply.

2)The Students debate will consist of two rounds

-Preliminary round

-Final round

3)The Topic will be declared 10 days before the event and will be applicable for both the rounds mentioned above.

4)Participation for the debate is INDIVIDUAL where in each participant has to prepare both FOR AND AGAINST THE MOTION .Your side will be allotted by the organisers prior to each round .

5)For the preliminary round each participant will be given three minutes to present his side .There would be no question-answer round.The participant would be judged on the basis of his content and presentation.

6)For the final round 8 best speakers will be selected .

7)The finalists will be given 5 minutes to speak on the motion allotted to them by the Organisers .

8)There will be a question –answer session for 2 minutes per speaker by the judges in the final round after the participant has spoken .

9)This will be followed by a Rebuttal round after all speakers have finished speaking on their topic .

10)All the proceedings of the entire competition will be in English only .Use of any other language may be penalised at the judges discretion.

11) No electronic equipment /interenet access shall be allowed during the debate.


Abhishek Patokar: +91 9049590455

Vandita Sathe: +91 9881079909


For rules and criteria of Symposium

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•Teams are free to choose their own topic. It should be a medically relevant topic which can be based on any of the clinical, laboratory or community and allied subjects.

•Time allotted for the presentation will be 13 minutes which will be followed by a 2 minute Q & A session by a panel of judges.

•Teams should strictly comprise of undergraduates. Each team should have a minimum of 3 members and a maximum of 12 members. The team can have 3-7 speakers.

•Teams are allowed to bring their own laptops. The auditorium is equipped with a VAG connector cable for video and a 3.5mm jack for audio.(Teams are requested to bring their own connectors if the aforementioned specifications are incompatible with their equipment).

•Presentations must be made on Microsoft POWERPOINT only (2007 and up and should be saved in compatibility mode).


•The Hard copy of the abstract should be certified with the signature of the Guide & HOD of the concerned department or the Dean of the college & stamp of the Department/Institute and must be produced on the day of presentation.

•The abstract should be restricted to 350 words and should be made under the following headings: Student Details, Guide Details, Introduction, Aims, Objectives, Materials & Methods, Discussion & Conclusion


Rishi Jiwarajka : +91 9820894979

Varun Rao: 8446406801


For rules and criteria of Cinemedics

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1. The time limit is minimum of 8 minutes and maximum of 10mins. Including beginning and final credits.2 minutes will be given for question and answers. So total time is 10+2.

2. Each team should have a minimum of 5 members and maximum of 10 members.

3. The concept of the clipping should be medically relevant or socially relevant to the field of medicine.

4. The movie clippings will be followed by question and answers. Time limit is 2 minutes.

5. Any clipping involving smoking, alcohol, sexual content or drug abuse should have a disclaimer. Use your discretion while portraying any of the above mentioned topics.

6. Technical : Recommended aspect ratio is 16:9, full height, anamorphic â€" in DV/HDV. Compulsory format: VOB, MPG, MPEG4, AVI, MP4.

7. Subtitles are a must.


Aftab Vadsaria : +91 7276699353

Atharva Shinde : +91 9922029099


For rules and criteria of Workshops

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A) Orthopaedic Emergency Splinting and Bracing Workshop:

Splinting and Bracing forms an integral but very often neglected part of orthopedic emergency trauma management. We here at MediACE have started this unique workshop which gives you an opportunity to learn bracing and splinting for the following :

Cervical Spine

Upper Extremity

Lumbosacral Spine

Lower Extremity

Fee: Rs 200

B) Trauma

Ever wondered how doctors manage patients who have suffered from severe trauma from road traffic accidents?

Then this is the perfect workshop for you!

A combination of theoretical as well as practical knowledge with a brief introduction followed by training at skill stations involving the skills mentioned below!

Here you will be learning

-Patient assessment

-Basic and advanced airway management

-Extrication, helmet removal, log roll

-Needle decompression and intraosseous i.v access

-Central Line Placement

It's your turn to save a life!

Fee: Rs. 200

C) Laparoscopic Skills

Have you ever been taught the basic skills required for a laparoscopic surgery?

The future of surgery beckons!

Learn the basics of a laparoscopic surgery & improve your hand-eye co-ordination whilst getting hands on experience on an endoscopic trainer!

Fee: Rs. 150

D) Suturing Skills

This workshop teaches the amateurs the basics of suturing on animal skin by an experienced faculty.

Learn the different kinds of sutures & knots to be a notch above the rest with your superior suturing skills!

And it doesn't just stop there...it also includes skills on developing intestinal anastomoses.

Fee: Rs. 200

E) Emergency Medicine:

A lecture on how to dispense medical services in case of an emergency and help save a life!

Lecture will be delivered by Dr. Sushant Shinde who is a practicing rheumatologist in Mumbai after having done his MD Medicine in AIIMS. His dynamic personality and passion for teaching will assure you all a worthwhile experience at MediACE 2016!

Fee: Rs. 200

Hurry up and register!

Limited Seats Available!

Come forth & join us on the 19th of August- and take this opportunity to Emerge, Explore and Excel again!

For more details, contact us:

Ayushi Sheth: 9657763262

Varun Rao: 8446406801

Dr. K. M. Cherian
Chief Guest

Dr. K. M.Cherian is a world renowned and distinguished Cardiac Surgeon.He performed India’s first successful Coronary Artery bypass surgery in 1975. He also performed the country’s first heart transplant after legalization of brain death. The first Heart- Lung Transplant, the first Paediatric heart Transplant and the first TMR (Laser Heart Surgery) were also performed by him.

He was awarded Padma Shri by the Government of India in 1991. DR.K.M.Cherian was honorary surgeon to the President of India from 1990 to 1993. He is the first Indian to become the President of the World Congress of Thoracic Cardiac Surgeon and the first member of the American Association of Thoracic Surgery from India.He is the Founder Chairman of Frontier Lifeline Hospital and Frontier Mediville, the first Medical SEZ and Medical Science Park in India. He is also the only Indian doctor to have his name etched in stone at the birthplace of Hippocrates.

Achyut Godbole

Achyut Godbole has over 32 years of experience in IT industry and was heading top management positions in companies like Patni computers, Syntel, L & T Infotech, Apar and Disha etc.He also played a role of independent judge in various selection activities including prestigious Maharashtrian of the Year awards for 2011.

He is well known for his writings in Marathi and English. He is a prolific writer in all genres and produced numerous original works as well as adaptations of works from other languages into Marathi. Some of his achievements include:

• Award by prime minister for excellent performance of his company

• ‘Kumar Gandharva Award' by Pandit Bhimsen Joshi

• ‘Sahyadri Navratna’, ‘Indradhanu’ awards and ‘Dr. Parnerkar Award’ , N. C. Kelkar Award for ‘Nanoday’, Utung Jeevan Gungaurav Puraskar and Jan kalyan Samiti's Puraskar for contribution to IT and other fields such as Science, Mathematics, Technology, Management, Music, Economics, Psychology and Literature.

Meet the Team


Dr. A.V. Bhore

(Director) Patron


Dr. Rajendra Bangal

Dean, SKNMC & GH



(PROF)(organizing chair person)



(PROF)(joint-organizing chair person)


Vishwajit Patil

Organizing Secretory


Sharmeen Vazifdar

Joint Organizing Secretory


Shradha Kulkarni

Joint Organizing Secretory




Contact us

For any queries contact:

Vishwajit Patil : +91 9860015138
Shradha Kulkarni : +91 8976489171
Sharmeen Vazifdar : +91 9930574618
Email us at: sknmcmediace2016@gmail.com
Visit our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/sknmcmediace

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